Monday, April 1, 2013

NEWBORN eBook description

Just finished the description for NEWBORN.  Here it is :)

Fresh from her parents' divorce, eighteen-year-old Nora Saynt-Rae is ready for a new beginning at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.  Life is at last beginning to look up.  Then Nora meets a guy.  Stunningly gorgeous, completely eccentric and tirelessly vengeful, Gabriel has a secret.

He is a wizard.  A new grad from Magasant School of Magic, Gabriel is a Releaser - a vampire slayer.  Victimized in childhood by a vampire, he is determined to exterminate the entire bloodsucking race - starting in Washington where he's searching for his latest target, an elusive Newborn who is tipping the scales against Olympia's favor.

Should Nora let her intensely erotic attraction cloud her better judgement?  Should she ignore her doubts and the doubts of everyone around her?  Or should she leave the murderous wizard before the hungry, biting demons of his past become her undoing?

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